Luxface is a leading manufacturers of resin panels in China. Our newly expanded production facility enables us to meet the large demands for high quality resin panels all over the world at a surprising speed.

As an innovative and eco-friendly resin materials solutions, Luxface resin panels are amazingly adaptable to a variety of colors, metallic pigment, Natural materials, metal, crush, capiz, textures, etc. In order to find a fine solution in facing the challenges in design projects, Luxface has been dedicated to the development and innovation of sustainable and inspiring materials which makes various applications in architectural and decorative field possible, from walls to ceilings, partitions, dividers, furniture, cabinets, doors, sculpture, and other decorative solutions. The range of imaginative architectural applications is nearly limitless.

Luxface has been exploring and researching the innovative application of resin panels in various kinds of fields. It provides top-ranking products and service for architecture decoration, interior decoration, exhibition displays, lighting design, retail design and furniture design etc.



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Interior Design
  • grid
  • luxsurface
  • Interior Door
  • Artwork
  • Lighting
  • furniture luxtone
  • Wall Panel
  • Ceilling lunar art
  • w hotel outside logo
Interior Design | Interior Materials | Resin Surface | Resin Finishes| Resin art panel | wall panels
Architectural Panel
  • City of Mesa
  • natural resin panel
  • tower
  • Architectural Laminated Panels
  • Architectural Design Resin
  • Architectural Resin Panels
  • Celling
  • celling
Architectural Panels | Lamianate Resin | Laminated Panels | Wall PANELS |
Furniture Design Materials
  • cabinet
  • natural resin panel
  • natural resin panel
  • Special Finish Design
  • Hotel furniture Materials
  • Furniture Surfaces
  • Wall Space
Furniture Design Finishes | Furniture Surface | Hotel Furniture Design
Surfaces Collection
  • signal
  • chanel
  • Resin Surfaces
  • Surface Textured Design
  • Surfaces Handmade
  • Surfaces Design
  • Signal
Surfaces Collection | Surface Design | Resin Surface | Interior Surfaces | Design Surface | Special Surfaces
Resin Customized
  • Customized Acrylic panel
  • Customized Surfaces
  • Customer Wall Materials
  • Customer Resin Materials
  • Resin Design
  • Wine Cellar
Customized Resin Color | Customized Pattern | Customized Finishes | Customized Design
Wall Panels
  • Interior Wall Design
  • Wall Panelling
Wall Panels | Wall Features | Wall Panelling | Wall Design | Wall Finishes | Wall Pattern
Special Finishes
  • show room
  • luxsurface
Special Finsihes | Kinon | KINON Panel | Cushcush | Surface Finish
Solid Resin
    Solid Resin | Solid Stone | Solid panels | Solid Surfaces | Solid Finishes | Solid Laminated
    Hotel Surface Collection
    • Chicago Ritz Carlton
    • Chicago Ritz Carlton
    • hotel
    • hotel surface
    Hotel Surface Collection | Hotel Design | Hotel Wall Panels | Hotel Furniture
    Translucent Panels
      Translucent Resin panels | Translucent Paneling | Trasnlucent resin | laminted Translucent Panels

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