The goal of LUXFACE is create Luxury Surface resin by using hand finished and applying particular patented procedures. Our special handcast resin are unique using a special 3D casting technique that is hand finished allowing us to create unique and colorful effects.  

Luxface Specialize in resin materials.

The range of Luxsurface application is almost unlimited: interior finishes, panelling for ceilings, walls and columns for a wide range of interiors, inserts for antique and modern furniture, plus composite MDF Aluminum honeycomb, Phenolic panel.


Luxface Unique Materials eggsh…

Luxface Unique Materials eggsh…

Luxface Unique Materials leader in lacquer-finished furniture & accessories at combining traditional and our uniqu…..
Design meet new materials

Design meet new materials

New finishes materials meet with design.You know we love resin here at luxface. We eat, live and breathe resin. But, we …..
Special Resin AND MDF PANELS

Special Resin AND MDF PANELS

Luxresin is a proprietary hand cast resin with various applied decorative effects. Cast resin material is cast in seve…..
Unique Laminated Resin MDF pan…

Unique Laminated Resin MDF pan…

This substrate is available in a few different thicknesses. It is water resistant and ideal for backlight- ing. T…..
Luxface 2014 NEW Products--Lux…

Luxface 2014 NEW Products--Lux…

Luxsurface is new product from Luxface surface design.hand made cast resin according to customer ideas for the wall,f…..
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